Weider Pro 7500 Power Rack + 5% VAT

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What better way to have a kick-ass whole body workout than with a quality power rack.

With this popular Weider option, you can get all the compound movements, squats, pull ups, chin ups, deadlifts etc, all in the safety of your own home.

If you’ve been training a while, you’ll know there’s no better way to pack on muscle, get lean and become a Chad than compound movements!

On this excellent machine you have got J cups for squats as well as safety arms to add in that protection needed for heavy squats or bench press.

This power rack is a great size, its smaller than most half power racks which means it will fit in smaller rooms, ideal for those without a ton of space.

This is a very well made rack, its ultra-versatile and looks great, what are you waiting for, lets roll, click buy today.



Model Number



53 (in.)


69 (in.)


85.5 (in.)

Weight Capacity

610 (lbs.)

Weight Stack Capacity

310 (lbs.)

Item Weight

198 (lbs.)