Watson Animal Plate Load Lateral Row + 5% VAT

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The Animal Lateral Row is a powerful and versatile machine designed to provide an effective workout for the back muscles. Its unique movement pattern and adjustable features make it suitable for users of any level. With its indestructible design, this machine is built to withstand heavy use.

The narrow-to-wide movement pattern of the handles maximizes muscle activation, while the independent working arms enable unilateral movement. The rotating handles and pivoting arms and chest pad allow for a full range of motion and targeted muscle engagement.

The machine features an angled seat and adjustable chest pad, providing stability and comfort during the exercise. The seat is super thick and heavy duty, and the footplate is large, ensuring maximum stability and safety when lifting heavy weights.

The Animal Lateral Row also allows for iso lateral movement, making it possible to work one arm at a time or both arms together. The machine has a handle for bracing oneself during single-arm exercises, and it is height adjustable, accommodating users ranging from 5,2ft to 6,9ft.

Overall, the Animal Lateral Row is a top-of-the-line machine that offers a comprehensive workout for the back muscles, with the ability to target different muscle groups using rotating handles and adjustable features.