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There’s no doubt that chest press machines are a fantastic addition to your chest workout.

Watson Free Motion Chest Press is a plate-loaded machine that gives total control throughout the movement. It’s designed to simulate the free movement of a dumbbell press which uses more stabilizing muscles in your triceps, chest, and shoulders to control the weight you carry.

  • Rotating handles
  • Independent Arms
  • Fully Adjustable Seat
  • Ultra Heavy-Duty and Super Smooth
  • Free motion to work stabilizing muscles
  • Wide to Narrow Movement for Ultimate Contraction


Rotating Handles

The revolving handles allow the user to choose the perfect grip you're comfortable with. You can have the angle of your grip to any chosen position or move the angle of your grip with the rotating handles to get a deeper stretch and a more intense contraction.


Fully Adjustable Seat

It comes with an adjustable seat to allow you to line up the handles correctly depending on your need. It also has forward and back seat adjustments so you can choose your comfort. The machine also has an adjustment on the top half of the back pad which allows you to change the angle you’re pressing at.


Loading Pin Space

This machine has plenty of usable loading pin space, which also ensures you cater to even the strongest user. There are 4 weight storage pins so you don’t need to walk around the gym to find the weights you need.


50mm Thick Handles

The thick grip handles make the feeling extremely comfortable even when pressing great amounts of weight, as the fatter grips don’t dig into your hands. That means even the guys and girls with big hands can use this machine and still be very comfortable.


ISO Lateral Arms

Independent arms allow you to work one pec at a time or both together. Having iso-lateral arms on this machine means you don’t have to compromise with your preference. 



Brand -                               Watson

Item Model Number -       Chest Press

Manufacturer -                  Watson Gym Equipment

Series -                              Plate Load Free Motion

User Type -                        Unisex/Adult

Recommended Use -         Chest press

Fitness Goal -                     Lose weight, Gain muscle, Improve health

Seat -                                 Yes, Fully adjustable

Back Support -                   Yes

Free motion -                     Yes

Rotating Handles -             Yes

Independent Arms -          Yes

Cushioning System -          Yes, On seat and back support

Dimensions -                      1820 mm (H) x 1910 mm (W) x 1550 mm (D)