Watson Seated Leg Curl + 5% VAT

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The Watson Leg Curl is the perfect compact machine to effectively isolate the hamstrings while minimizing the involvement of the glutes.

It comes with an extremely heavy-duty thigh brace. It has forward and backward adjustable pivoting backrest. 

The adjustable roller pad ensures pinpoint adjustments. It has dual handle position for additional stability.

The Side Drive system allows you for easy entry and exit of the machine. The thigh pad locks you firmly in place so you can focus totally on isolating the Hamstrings.

Complete adjustability allows you to adjust not only for Thigh and Lower Leg length but also for Start position.

Twin Roller Bearings on all pivot points give this machine a totally smooth feel no matter how much weight you are pulling.

The dimension of this machine is 930 mm x 900 mm x 1700 mm.