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The Watson Plate Load Leg Extension is a great isolation movement for targeting the quads. It is a perfect way to pre-exhaust your quads before performing squats, lunges, or other compound leg exercises.

This machine is specifically designed for serious athletes who are looking to challenge their leg muscles to the max. The ultra-smooth, independent, height-adjustable arms allow for a huge amount of weight to be loaded, making it an ideal choice for even the strongest of trainers.

The Watson Plate Load Leg Extension is also designed to keep the load on the quads, even at the start of the exercise, ensuring a complete focus on the targeted muscles. This is a serious leg extension machine that will make a significant difference to your leg training.

The loading pins on this machine have a 300mm length with 270mm loadable space. Each leg weighs 9kg when unloaded, making it a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment. Once you try the Watson Plate Load Leg Extension, it will be the only leg extension machine you'll want to use for your quad training.