Watson Animal Plate Load Leg Press + 5% VAT

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The Ultimate Leg Press is a heavy-duty machine that's widely used in top gyms all over the world. Its super smooth and independent carriages make it the perfect choice for training one leg at a time, which is ideal for working around injuries, bringing up muscle mass discrepancies, or maximizing hypertrophy.

With a massive 1400mm footplate width, you can use a variety of foot positions, including a wide stance squat or sumo deadlift, allowing you to target all areas of the leg musculature. Plus, the platform's ultra-wide design accommodates any user, regardless of size.

The machine's 6 loading pins allow for quick weight changes, making it perfect for partner training or drop sets. Each carriage can hold up to 600kg, meaning you'll never outgrow this machine.

The independent carriages run on four Thompson 40mm linear bearings, providing an ultra-smooth feel during movement. Top and bottom band pegs provide accommodating resistance and assistance, making lighter weights feel heavier and allowing you to handle heavier loads without risking lower back strain.

Finally, the adjustable backrest reduces the likelihood of lower back strain, making the exercise feel much more comfortable and allowing you to generate maximum muscle growth. With its heavy-duty construction and lifetime warranty, The Ultimate Leg Press is the perfect addition to any gym or home workout space.